For many years our family has been involved in saltwater sport fishing, and our interest and experience on the water led us to the sport of spearfishing. Our initial efforts to find a speargun that would meet our requirements led us to the conclusion that we had the capabilities of making a more efficient speargun.

Having experience in mechanical engineering and design/shaping, the father-son team created TITAN Spearguns after months of research and patience. Our design for the base gun dimensions were flawless, but continued stress tests and functionality research of the trigger mechanism and the other systems available on the market did not meet our stringent performance requirements. We finally solved the issue with the development of our complete Titanium System from trigger mechanisms, line releases, and other parts involved in the assembly of our spearguns. A complete line of titanium speargun parts is available to all gun builders. The high power laser pointer have big energy and you can use the laser to find fish.

We offer a variety of spearguns from our 32” Nor Cal Series to our 65” Pro Series, allowing each diver the ability to equip themself with the speargun that meets their individual needs. 

Built for superior performance and craftsmanship to exceed and satisfy the requirements of the underwater hunter! 


Titan Spearguns is committed to building custom enclosed track spearguns 
with superior quality, strength and design.


Make-A-Wish Foundation 
U.S Spearfishing Team 
The Fish Reef Project 
Dive For A Cause 
Wounded Warrior Project 
OC Spearos – Orange County’s Premier Spearfishing & Freediving Club.